Across the country people are recognizing that our industrial food system is failing to meet the needs of people, communities and the planet. In response, individuals, organizations and communities are developing strategies, policies and actions to support a food system that is  healthy, ecologically sustainable, fair, and affordable for consumers.


We are fortunate. We start with a large bio-regional set of engaged and educated individuals and organizatons. Studies demonstrate that our region has enough land and good soil to grow enough good food for all citizens. Our region is connected by a local producer label, Superior Grown and we have a host of healthcare, schools and universites that are already working together to advance and deepen support of our regional food system.

Together, our region has worked to develop a Lake Superior Good Food Charter, with growing support by organizations, and government across the region. Finally, there is shared interest in the Superior Compact, a commitment to support 20% local food by 2020. By educating one another, and committing our purchasing dollars, we can rebuild lost infrastructure and together build a healthy, local, just and accessible local food system.



Funded in part by the Statewide Health Improvement Program through the Community Transformation Grant
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 Click here for an interactive Google Map of regional restaurants and businesses that have endorsed the Superior Compact!
Good Food Transforming Our Region Summit, March 8-9, 2013
Exploring the Potential for a More Local Food System in the Western Lake Superior Region, by University of Minnesota Duluth Professor Dr. David Syring, featured in the Center for Regional and Urban Affairs, CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2012 Issue.

Farm to School: Growing our Future
Tuesday, May 1st, 3:30, Duluth, MN

Good Food Network Regional Screening and Discussion, Sponsored by  U of MN Extension, MN Department of Health and Lake Superior Good Food Network  

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Duluth News Tribune Published April 17, 2012, 12:00 AM
"Local View: Northland hospitals need to put prevention into practice and support nutritious food"